MARLOTHERM SH - Sentetik ısı transfer sıvısı

MARLOTHERM SH is a high-performance synthetic, organic heat-transfer medium for use in the liquid phase in closed, forced circulation heat-transfer systems and can be used over the whole working range without being kept under pressure.  The boiling range of the product at atmospheric pressure is above the use limit. The heat transfer medium can be used up to a maximum bulk temperature of 350°C. The film temperature should not exceed the limit of 380°C (716°F) either significantly or for a prolonged period.

MARLOTHERM SH is most suitable for indirect heating of reactors, polymerisation vessels, distillation columns, heat exchangers in process plants and systems for heat recovery.

MARLOTHERM SH is also suitable for use in heating and cooling systems. The technical characteristics of a MARLOTHERM® SH charge can also be matched to the specific requirements of a system and optimized by mixing with MARLOTHERM LH.


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